Kodimax | Payment Policy
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Payment Policy

The Company’s financial responsibilities starts with the first record of the customer’s deposit and will continue up to the full withdrawal of the funds.

The only official methods of deposits/withdrawals are the methods which appear at the company’s official website.

The client is taking all the risks related to the usage of the payment methods, this as to the fact that the payment methods are not company’s partners and not in any of the company’s responsibility. The company isn’t responsible for any delay or cancellation of funds transaction which were caused by the payment method. In case that the client has any claims related to any of the payment methods, it’s in his responsibility to contact the support of the payment method and to notify the company about those claims.

The Company shall not be responsible for the activities of any third-party service providers, which the Client may use to make any deposit/withdrawal. The Company’s financial responsibility for the Client’s funds starts at the moment the funds arrive to the segregated Company’s Client’s Account bank account or any other account related to the Company and that appears at the Payment Methods page of the website. In case any fraud appears during the financial transaction or after it, the Company reserves, and will use the right, to cancel the transaction and freeze the Client’s account.

The Company’s responsibilities as to the Client’s funds ends at the time the funds leave the segregated Company’s Client’s Account bank account or any other account related to the Company and that appears at Payment Methods page of the website.

In case of any technical mistakes which may appear at the time of financial transaction the company saves the right to cancel those transaction and all other client’s financial activity at the company’s website.

Client’s registration

Client’s registration is based on two main steps:

Client’s web registration.

Client’s identity verification.

In order to complete the second step, the company must demand and the client must:

Provide full copy of your ID card with photo and personal details.

The company reserves the right to demand from the client other documents such as payment bills, bank confirmation, bank card scans or any other document that may be necessary during the identification process.

The identification process should be completed in 10 business days since the company`s request to identify the client. In some cases, the company may increase the identification process up to 30 working days.